Pricing Guide

We offer an assortment of preservation pieces for both fresh and pre-dried flowers. Choose from 3 sizes of shadow boxes or various resin pieces expertly hand crafted to prolong the life and magick of your botanicals.


Shadow Box

$95 - $250
Shadowboxes are a perfect keepsake for your special day and are all custom made in shop. We begin with your florals which we expertly dry and preserve keeping them in their 3D state which allows for multi dimension. Ultimately we decide the size of the box that can be made during floral intake and when florals have dried. We are able to add in other keepsakes and treasures such as jewlery, invitiations, photos, ribbon, etc

Large Resin Pieces
$199 - $599
Resin pieces are a unique choice for floral preservation. We expertly dry and preserve your flowers in their 3D state using only the best choices possible for your piece. Your botanicals are then added to resin layer by layer to create a timeless crystal clear piece.


6"  Orb - $599

8” x 8” x 3” square - $495

7” x 4.3” arch - $425

6 x 6 x 3” square - $399

6” x 6” x 3” hexagon - $399

4.2" Orb - $299

Dome - $199-$299 (Single bloom or multi bloom options)

Coasters - $60 or set of 4 for $200

Tealight - $125

Ring Holder - $110

Crystal - $99

Necklace $40-$50

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