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London, Lambeth, Byron, Kilworth, Komoka, Arva, Lucan, Ilderton, Ingersoll, Dorchester, Thorndale, St.Thomas and Strathroy.

Delivery rates are set by our delivery service and vary by city.

* Always use a clean and sterile vessel.

* Fill vessel with cool water and add floral food (We recommend using 1/4-/1/2 of a package at a time)

* Remove any leaves or foliage that will sit below water line. These will contribute to accelerated bacteria growth.

* Cut stems on a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife or sheers/scissors. Blunt blades crush stems and damage delicate water wicking tissues

* Change water every few days and re-cut the stems with each water change.

* Keep flowers away from heat source, air conditioning units and out of direct sun.


***Some wilty stems can be revived with a soak in warm water***

    Our à la carte wedding services are a perfect option for small weddings and elopements, Grow & Bloom Co’s A La Carte offerings allow a couple to choose from a variety of arrangements based on their individual floral needs. Designed in our signature garden style, bridal clients can choose from the following colour palettes:

    1)Ethereal (neutral blend of whites, ivories, greens)

    2)Romantic (whites, ivories, soft pinks, peaches) 

    3)whimsical (seasonal blend of local blooms in a colourful, designers choice palette) 

    For all orders, it is suggested that clients reach out to our floral studio no later than 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. 

    Bouquets - $265

    Bridesmaid - $149

    Boutonniere - $18

    Pocket Square - $50-$60

    Corsage Wrist Bracelet - $40 

    Flower Crown Adult - $90

    Flower Crown Child - $60

    Half Crowns & Hair Combs - $45-60

    Please contact for more centerpiece, garland or budvase options. 519-439-4769




    7 products