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Our Mission

To revolutionize the way you think about every day flower & plant shops.

Grow & Bloom Co. blossomed from a deep love for horticulture and floristry, driven by an unwavering fascination for the wonders of the natural world. In every leaf, shell, and crystal, we discover magic, and each bloom we touch tells a story of romance. Our passion for the craft is fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and skills, keeping us at the forefront of current trends and allowing us to present our clients with truly extraordinary offerings.

Step into our thoughtfully designed shop, where every corner is a sensory experience, providing a delightful space to pause and savor the enchanting aroma of roses. The shop is expertly curated and nurtured by an educated horticulturist with over two decades of trade experience, boasting a diverse collection, ranging from common to rare tropical and exotic plants. Complementing our green offerings is a selection of pottery and lifestyle goods that add a touch of botanical elegance to your surroundings.

Our team of skilled florists specialize in artfully designed, eco-conscious creations. With a penchant for unstructured modern garden-inspired designs, we cater to weddings, large-scale events, sympathy and celebration of life, corporate branding and activations, as well as everyday occasions.

Diversifying our expertise over the last six years, floral preservation has become one of our specialties. We delicately capture memories through shadowbox designs and resin work, offering a lasting tribute for bridal moments, celebrations of life, and other significant milestones.

Beyond our stunning arrangements, we provide a range of services, including re-potting, horticultural consulting, custom planter design, living wall and biophilia designs, 1:1 plant care education, private workshops, outdoor garden consulting, and small landscape designs.

While the essence of our business lies in who we are and why we do what we do, it's our commitment to enhancing your experience that truly sets us apart. Uncover a unique shopping and gifting experience, embrace modern and unconventional floral designs, and gain invaluable plant tips and tricks—all within the enchanting confines of our magical little shop nestled in London Ontario's Old East Village.

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Hi, I'm Robin, the botanical powerhouse behind the brand. 3rd generation green thumb, horticulture technician, florist, mixed media artist and friend to all things green! 7 years ago I decided to merge my life long love affair with plants and horticulture with the timeless romance of floristry. I find endless wonder in everyday interactions with the natural world and am constantly looking for ways to share the magic. My designs are wild and natural with gentle structure and a slight rock and roll edge. I make cool things for cool people while professing my neverending love for plants and flowers. Whether it's through wedding work, preservation or large scale interiorscapes, my goal is to deliver an enchanting result way beyond your imagination.

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