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We currently offer two shipping/delivery options.

For Flowers - Local delivery service - These drivers service the London, Lambeth, Byron, Kilworth, Komoka, Arva, Lucan, Ilderton, Ingersoll, Dorchester, Thorndale, St.Thomas and Strathroy area.

Delivery rates are set by our delivery service and vary by city. Plants and other store goods can be combined with these flower orders.

For Plants & other store goods outside our local area, we ship CANADA-WIDE via Fedex, Canpar and UPS. We are part of a small business shipping network that allows us to receive competitive shipping rates. Contact us for custom quotes

* Always use a clean and sterile vessel.

* Fill vessel with cool water and add floral food (We recommend using 1/4-/1/2 of a package at a time)

* Remove any leaves or foliage that will sit below water line. These will contribute to accelerated bacteria growth.

* Cut stems on a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife or sheers/scissors. Blunt blades crush stems and damage delicate water wicking tissues

* Change water every few days and re-cut the stems with each water change.

* Keep flowers away from heat source, air conditioning units and out of direct sun.


***Some wilty stems can be revived with a soak in warm water***

Artful flowers for any occasion

    Welcome to our Preservation collection, where cherished moments and nature's beauty unite in exquisite preserved shadow boxes and resin pieces. Every item in this collection is a testament to the art of preserving memories and the enduring allure of floral elegance.


    Preserved Shadow Boxes: Our preserved shadow boxes are carefully crafted to encapsulate the magic of your most cherished moments. Each box features meticulously preserved wedding and special event flowers, capturing the very essence of your special day. Whether it's a bouquet, boutonniere, or centerpiece, these custom-made shadow boxes transform your memories into timeless art pieces, ready to grace your home with their everlasting charm.

    Resin Pieces: Our resin pieces offer a unique and contemporary way to preserve your event's flowers. These handcrafted creations encase your blooms in crystal-clear resin, creating captivating jewelry, paperweights, and decorative items. Every piece is custom-designed to showcase the natural beauty of your flowers, transforming them into wearable keepsakes or home décor accents that radiate elegance and sentimental value.

    Why Choose Preservation?

    1. Unforgettable Keepsakes: Our collection allows you to preserve the emotions and beauty of your special day, ensuring your memories remain vibrant and cherished.

    2. Customized Artistry: Every item is personalized to your specifications, guaranteeing a unique representation of your event's floral splendor.

    3. High-Quality Craftsmanship: We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each piece is a work of art crafted with love and expertise.

    4. Sustainability: By preserving your event's flowers, you contribute to a sustainable approach to memory-keeping, reducing waste and extending the life of these natural wonders.

    5. Meaningful Gifts: "Eternal Blooms" pieces make for exceptional gifts for loved ones, offering them a tangible piece of your special day to treasure forever.

    Capture the essence of your wedding or special event in the most enchanting way with our Preservation collection. Explore our range of preserved shadow boxes and resin pieces, and let us transform your cherished flowers into timeless art. Preserve your memories, celebrate life's beauty, and make your moments last forever. We are London Ontario's preservation specialists!

    13 products
    Floral Preservation Deposit
    7.5" Resin Standing Round
    Terrarium Necklace
    Single Bloom Resin Dome
    Resin Ring Holder
    7" Resin Hexagon
    Resin Floral Lazy-Susan
    Resin Tealight Candle Holder
    Resin Taper Candle Holder
    Resin Coasters - Set of 4
    Custom Floral Resin Business Card/Photo Holder
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