Quench Plant Sensor

Quench Plant Sensor
Quench Plant Sensor
Quench Plant Sensor
Quench Plant Sensor

Quench Plant Sensor

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Quench takes the guesswork out of plant care by telling you when to water


Quench Takes The Guesswork Out of Plant Care 

Quench lets your plant tell you when it needs water. All you need to do is listen! By letting Quench do the hard stuff for you, you can experience more of the joys of owning plants, and less of the frustrations.

 Not Just Another Moisture Meter 

Quench is a first-of-its-kind device that reads soil resistivity and plays a unique tone to let you know when it's time to water. By giving your plants a voice, you'll never have to rely on memory or guesswork again. And worry not, the tone is subtle and soft, so you'll hear it in a quiet moment, but it won't disrupt your day.

How Does Quench Sound?

Just as every plant is unique, every Quench plays a unique tone to give each of your plants a unique voice.

Quench’s smart light-sensing technology knows when it's nighttime and replaces the audible alerts with a subtle light. Therefore, Quench won’t bother you when you’re sleeping.

Quench can be tailored to different plants by simply adjusting the depth. The handy scale markings make this easy to do. For dry-loving plants, insert Quench deeper into the soil, and for plants that prefer the soil to stay moist, simply insert Quench shallower.

Have large plants?

Quench comes in two sizes: regular and large. The regular size can be used in most pots. For large plants in pots greater than 20 cm (8") deep use the large size. 

 Made To Last 

Quench is engineered with longevity in mind. The easily replaceable button batteries last at least 3-years. The robust, corrosion-resistant sensors and other components were designed to last the life of your plant. There is no need for refills, subscriptions, or other ongoing costs.

 Built For Simplicity 

Quench is 100% phone and app-free. In a world of non-stop mobile notifications, we didn’t want your plants to get lost in the noise. Quench is perfect for all plant lovers - not just the tech-savvy ones. Quench is so easy to use that even kids can get involved and learn the responsibility and joys of caring for plants.

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