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Bios Pro-biotic Foliar Spray

Bios Pro-biotic Foliar Spray

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Increase the health of your leaf flora with our Pro-Biotic Foliar!

Extremely effective at preventing/controlling powdery mildew issues, providing micronutrients directly to the leaves, increasing plants ability to absorb nutrients, and increasing terpene production of fruiting plants.

*Can also be used as a soil drench!

How to Use:

- Simply mix 1ml of our pro-biotic per 1 Litre of water (1:1000 Dilution Ratio)

- Spray top and underside of leaves thoroughly in early morning or late evening (intense light can cause burning of plants when using foliar sprays, and will reduce the effectiveness of bacteria cultures).

- Tip #1: Adding a natural wetting agent helps solution stick to the leaves.

- Tip #2: If powdery mildew is already present, wipe leaves thoroughly with a mix of water & apple cider vinegar at a 1% solution. Use weekly for 1 month and continue with monthly applications afterwards.

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