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Founded in the spring of 2017 by Horticulturist turned Florist Robin Lavery, Grow & Bloom Co. evolved from the passion for horticulture and the love of floristry. Its purpose is to inspire and help re-connect people to nature through indoor gardening while striving to change the narrative around every day and special event floral design in the local London area. 

The original location at 569 Richmond was dreamt up as an oasis in the heart of the city that caters to both the budding green thumb and expert horticrat. This shop specializes in tropical plants, an ever changing eclectic pottery collection, tools, fun and unique plant lifestyle and home décor items and houses our floral preservation studio in the apartment above the shop. From here we offer same day delivery, horticultural consultations, plant advice and troubleshooting, potting services as well as pre-made florals which are made at the Dundas location and brought over weekly.

In October 2021, the 898 Dundas floral studio was opened. This shop is home to the dreamiest walk in floral cooler in the heart of Old East Village. This space was created to expand our wedding and special event capabilities while giving the flowers proper room to bloom. All custom florals and special event florals are dreamt up and designed here. Here you'll find more floral focused inventory from unique and artful vases to stylish home décor with a smaller but ever changing plant inventory. This shop offers same day local delivery as well as the transfer of items to the Richmond location.

2 special locations in 2 of the best neighborhoods in the city designed to inspire.

Services offered…

  • In-store potting services as well as plant troubleshooting (bring in your plant for repotting or have us pot a new purchase)
  • In-home horticultural consulting

  • Local delivery within London and surrounding areas as well as nationwide delivery for non perishables

  • Seasonal decorating

  • Wedding and special event floristry and design services

  • Plant related advice. (We’re always happy to answer plant questions even if your friend didn’t come from us)

  • Floral preservation both in shadow box form and resin

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