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Hi, My name is Robin and this is my business. I'm a 3rd generation greenthumb, horticulturist and florist. I founded Grow & Bloom Co. in the spring of 2017 from a need to persue my own creative callings, share my love of plants and flowers and a lack of connection to nature and urban gardening in the city. I wanted to create a special place that would pay hommage to all the wild wonder that is nature, while being able to form connections to like minded individuals. Here we would learn, grow and explore new skills together. It is my hope that my life's journey from horticulturist to florist and floral preservationist will inspire and continue to help others learn and grow as much as I have. It has been my pleasure to share my experience and skills over the years, being able to create freely and dream up magic every day is truely a gift that I am endlessly thankful for.

Grow & Bloom Co. is currently made up of two locations nestled in the heart of two of the best neighborhoods in the city of London, Ontario. The two shops are currently home to a creative team of 5.

Each location has it's own unique charms, inventory and specialty services making them both interesting places to shop and visit.

569 Richmond St. is the flagship location and urban garden headquarters. This shop is home to an everchanging plant collection and preservation studio as well as tools, supplies and unique gifts and decor.

Offering an artful, edgy and eco-friendly approach to floral design, our floral studio at 898 Dundas St. offers creations that are anything but dull. We offer everyday and special occasion florals as well as wedding and large event designs that are foam free and use either recylable or biodegradable mechanics and packaging.

Visit us on instagram at @growandbloomco and @growndbloomcofloral

Growing, blooming & Preserving

GROW - 569 Richmond St

Located in London Ontario's RIchmond Row, this enchanting shop is home to an ever changing collection of indoor tropical plants, pottery, tools and gardening supplies, home decor and florals.

Services offered here...

- Same day delivery

- Horticultural consulting

- Custom planter / terrariums

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BLOOM - 898 Dundas St.

Located in the heart of Old East Village at 898 Dundas St, our floral studio is headquarters for all things bloom related. From weddings and sympathies to everyday floral design. Here you'll find a beautiful walk-in cooler, dried flower bar and a charming collection of plants, pottery, gifts and home decor.

Services offered here include...

- Same day delivery

- Wedding & Special Event Florals

- Sympathy and celebration of life

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Preservation Studio

Located above the Richmond store, resides our preservation operations. Currently we offer preservation services to both our own brides and any one else looking for special floral keepsakes.

Services offered here include...

- Resin preservation available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes

- Shadow box frames

- Botanical jewlery design

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